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Halotherapy Salt & Spa

Relax. Revive. Rebalance

Customer Testimonials

-Crystal Duguay 11/21/2019

Amazing! Definitely a must try for everyone. Was mt first experience, won't be my last!!

Thanks Sylvie

-Lory Rickard 11/16/2019

Relaxing atmosphere. Amazing experience!

-Sheena Robertson 11/15/2019

Great environment and awesome service. Perfect place for a getaway.

-Matthew Poulin 10/20/2019

Gone 3-4 times, and it's always an amazing experience.

-Sarah James 12/09/2019

Went for my first float tonight. Was absolutely amazing!!! Very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

-Randy Dufour 08/16/2019

I float for 1hr every week, then I do a H2O Hydro Massage, and god I feel good.

Thumbs up to Halotherapy...

-Carole Girard 05/08/2019

Un grand merci de ta generosite et ta patience lors de notre temps au Halotherapy! Tu nous a guider et tu etais la au besoin. Qu'y a-t-il de mieux comme temps de qualite entre maman et fille dans un "pod" ou il reste juste a jaser et s'ecouter. Pas de cell, pas d'internet. Juste du temps de qualite!!! Je recommande a toutes personnes qui ont besoin de re-connecter! 

-Angele Jean 02/10/2019

Calm, inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Exceptional service. The floating room is my personal favorite...what a great way to relieve stress, cleanse the body and soothe the soul. Luxurious experience! 

-Judith Lamothe 01/10/2019

I really enjoy the floats. It's a must to try! :)

-Randy Dufour 12/13/2018

Love going there. Always a great experience and the personnel is always friendly.

-Paul Degrechie 10/26/2018

Enjoyed the whole experience. Had foot pain and lower back pain. The Hand and Foot Detox fixed me up and the float therapy, loved it! Enjoyed the salt room, cleared up my sinuses. Enjoyed the sauna. I can't say enough about the place!! Timmins little hidden gem

-Sue 09/18/2018

I had 3 floats, and the feeling is amazing :)

-Sylvie Joly 07/13/2018

What an experience, the way I feel after an hour float therapy is truly amazing. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. 

-Linda-Steve Anderson 04/23/2018

Loved it ! was really welcomed , highly recommend very relaxing will be booking another appointment very soon thank you for your services :)

-Shannon Saindon 04/04/2018

Last couple days my sciatic pain has been horrible so I decided to finally Try the float at Halotherapy salt and spa .... omg I have to say it was amazing !!.... during my 1 hour session I fell asleep and felt soooo relaxed and the pain is barely there !!! What an awesome experience will definitely go back !!!! Thank you ladies 

-Pat Champagne 12/29/2017

Very much enjoyed the salt room! Can’t wait to return and try out other services!

Friendly staff! Great selection of products! Very Calm environment!

On a side note; I think it was great of your business to do a food bank drive! Hope it was successful!

-Ma Mousseau 12/29/2017

Both my daughter and I felt great all day. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to try something new and refreshing.

-Lisa Tremblay 12/5/2017

I went for a float recently, and OMG what an experience this was. Anyone who knows me, knows I can’t stay still or I’m a ball of energy. Never thought I could relax... yet alone fall asleep. I was sore like super sore going in, the next day after floating, almost nothing... that’s 1 float treatment of 1 hour. The feeling of laying there and with no pressure points felt amazing... the salt feels heavy under you which makes it super weird... haha. The staff is friendly and educating me on the process. I highly recommend this to anyone that suffers from pain, soreness or just needs to chill! Haha thank you Sylvie and Kayla for making this experience an awesome one. Looking forward to more floats in the near future.

-Amber Lynn 11/01/2017

I won a free float and hand and foot detox with a gift bag. Thank you so much had a very relaxing time and loved the gifts i recieved. Such a great atmosphere and the workers are so nice. I highly recommend

-Kerry Trudel 10/26/2017

I honestly thought at first look how could this possibly work, maybe we can make salt castles. Then about 15 mintues in I could actually feel a physical difference and I felt incredibly relaxed. When leaving I felt absolutely amazing! I continied to feel amazing 2 hours after. I will be returning and making recommendations to anyone who will listen:)

-Dre Flame 06/24/2017

We tried the salt room and it was amazing! So relaxing and unique.

-Stephanie Ghislaine Morrison 05/06/2017

I went in with sister and mom and her two daughters was dealing with stuffy nose and the day after I felt amazing the staff is so welcoming and so nice I will def be back when I come to visit enjoy it thank u so much 

-Danielle Forget 05/04/2017

Float therapy is absolutely amazing! It's a perfect way to melt off that extra tension in your body and calm your mind. As a Reiki master I can say that receiving Reiki while floating brings it to a whole other level. I highly recommend it to other Reiki practitioners. I look forward to my next float!

-Arla Gryska 04/21/2017

My son & I tried the salt room today & we really enjoyed it. I instantly became less congested & he loved just playing in the salt. The staff is super friendly & they always have different promotions going on. Can't wait for our next visit! :) 

-Lise Tremblay 03/29/2017

I experienced the salt spa two days ago, what a treat!

Clean, quiet, friendly environment. It's a must try!!

-Melanie Comeau 03/28/2017

I decided to try out a float therapy session to help me cope during a bad flare up. Pain management has been a real struggle for me because suffer from fibromyalgia and mixed connective tissue disease. What an amazing session this was. I feel relaxed and my pain and stiffness has drastically decreased. I recommend a session for anyone with chronic pain. I will be coming for sessions regularly from now on. Thank you. 

-Lynda MacLeod 02/24/2017

All I can say is WOW !!! Loved the experience. Can't wait for the Pod to be up and running to try the float therapy. Such a calming atmosphere, and amazing staff with great service ! Already booked my next appointment. Thank you Sylvie :) 

-Sabrina Jillian Morton 12/15/2016

Very friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We've accumulated an array of salt lamps and not only do they provide health benefits but they are also very visually appealing. Keep up the great work!! 

-Chantal Chaban 01/25/2017

Wow ! Very relaxing and defiantly will be doing it again a must try for everyone and the service is amazing Thanks Sylvie 

~Jenn La Rocque 09/01/2016

Amazing! I'll be back. The peace and relaxation with the awesome staff makes for a wonderful experience

~Patsy Lamontagne-Mann 05/07/2016

Loved it! So relaxing. Friendly and knowledgeable staff as well. I did feel some of the effects already. Can't wait to go back. Thank you Sylvie & Kayla

~Syd Michelle 05/02/2016

Amazing!! So relaxing and you feel great after just one session! I've always struggled with allergies at this time of year and I had been, but after my first session I can already tell it's helped!! I will definitely be back, and suggest everyone gives it a try, especially if you need some "me" time!

~Mel Nathalie Gauthier 04/28/2016

Great service! Relaxing environment ! Exceptional staff, Will definitely go again :)looking forward to it.

~Nicole Madore 04/21/2016


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