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Halotherapy Salt & Spa

Relax. Revive. Rebalance

Halotherapy, also known as Salt Therapy comes from the Greek words: Halos meaning Salt and Therapy meaning Treatment.

Now you can enjoy the feeling of being by the ocean-side, and the multiple health benefits that come with visiting the ocean, right here in the North! Ever wonder why your mood and overall well-being improves when you are away on vacation by the ocean-side? It’s not just because you’re away from the work environment; it’s the natural healing power of sea salts.

Lined with 2000 pounds of Dead Sea salts on the walls and floor, our salt room offers a unique experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and re-balanced. The natural salt-lined room is a sterilized, negative ion environment, which boosts your immune system and relaxes and calms the mind. Visitors to the salt room recline in a zero gravity lounger while the halo-generator releases tiny particles of natural dry salt aerosol into the room, simulating being ocean-side early in the morning. Each session is 45 minutes in length. Our children’s salt box, filled with toys for the young ones, provides a unique play experience for children who are visiting the salt room. 

Halotherapy is a 100% natural and safe therapy. While Halotherapy is widely used in European countries to help with respiratory conditions and other ailments, you’ll benefit from the natural salt negative ion environment regardless of whether you have health complications or not, as the experience will leave you feeling like you’ve just been away on a mini retreat.